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ZQ-M Series Dual-purpose Automatic Stretch Blow Molding Machine

ZQ-M Series is Dual-purpose Automatic Stretch Blow Molding Machine

ZQ machinery market a new high performance-price ratio ZQ-M series automatic blow molding machine.

By structure optimization and technicial innovation, Cost-effective ZQ-M series of blowing  machines have been developed on the basis of ZQ-A series automatic stretch blowing machine with preform manual loading.

ZQ-M series PET blowing machines are double-purpose blowing machines. According to different tpes of preforms,users can choose different operation method flexibly. For  ordinary preforms, the machine can runs full automatically with preform auto-loader. For  special preforms, they will be loaded manually. Its multiple use and low cost will save you  much.

ZQ-M series of blowing machines can produce different shapes of 0.6L, 1.5L, 5L and 10L  carbonated, mineral, pesticide, cosmetics, wide-mouth and other plastic PET/PP containers.

They have all the advantages of ZQ-A series of blowing machines: Low rejection rate, high  speed,stable running and easy operation.