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The Features Of ZQ-B Series Of PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

ZQ-B series of stretch blow molding machines, as the generally recommended products,the outstanding feature is the separation of blowing and preheating, which speed up blowing to obtain high output. Comparing with stretch blow molding machines in China, the speed of ZQ-B series blow molding machines reach the highest level. For 6 cavities of ZQ-B600-6 blow  molding machine, it is about 1500 bph per cavity. The maximal output is about 8000  bottles per hour.

   The 6 mold plates structure of ZQ-B600-6 and ZQ-B1500-6 accelerates the mold clamping and opening, which also acquires high speed. Our ZQ-B series of machines are hydualic mold locking. It not only lowers the noise and energe but also increases the stability and  safty.
   At the same time, we adopt the intelligentized computer control system. This is for the good pretection of machines. Any minor problem, it will give an alarm and stop automatically. After trouble cleared, machine will restart. Waht’s more, considering the operation requirement of customers, the interface of machine is very humanization, which contributes to the confortable and easy operation.