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The Industry Solution for Purified Water / Carbonated Water.

According to different models:

1.Semi-automatic blow molding machine
output: 700-1000 bottles/hour, Volume:0.1-2L
2.Automatic blow molding machine  ZQ-A series, output: 1000-2800 bottles/hour, Volume:0.1-1.5L
3.Linear full automatic blow molding machine  ZQ-B ZQ-D series,
output: 1800-3500 bottles/hour, Volume:0.1-2L
4.Rotary full automatic blow molding machine  ZQ-R series,
output: 4000-5500(9000-13000) bottles/hour, Volume:0.1-2L
Except the above standard models, customized products can be accommodated for your needs.